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Catherine marmier

French Polisher & Furniture Reviver

Born in Vevey, Switzerland relocating to the UK to pursue her previous career in theatre & TV. Catherine was an actor, writer & director. Catherine trained at the famous Lecoq in Paris in the early 90's.

Having grown up with an engineer father & an antique loving mother, Catherine had always been drawn to the beauty of wood, design and how things worked! During her acting career she played an equal part off stage as well as on. Working closely with set designers, prop buyers and stylists. As Catherine travelled the world in award winning shows her days off would be spent browsing antique markets finding treasures to save. In the early noughties whilst taking paragliding  lessons she collided with a highly regarded french polisher. Voila a new chapter was to begin! Catherine trained and worked alongside Julian for 5 years learning her trade dreaming of moving to the sea and having her own studio where she could give the past a future. Ten years later Gladstone Studios  was launched.


ali carron

Shopkeeper, Social Media Manager.

Ali was born in Essex well before it was trendy and folk had lots of money. However despite the surroundings Ali was obsessed with television, design and beautiful things. She would spends days at her great grandmother's admiring the pre war furniture, the lines, the shapes

 Old movies had a huge impact on Ali's taste and good eye.

Ali's other job is television, she is a drama and comedy producer with a remarkable portfolio having collaborated with the best in the business over the last 30 years.  Ali met Catherine on the set of the comedy show Dead ringers. Catherine was dressed as a big cartoon like blob and it was love at first sight!

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