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  • Bespoke Vintage Wooden Smallworld Box

    (Option to personalise )

    This very special box of fun started with a 1949 potato crate and a collection of East German wooden toys made by Erzgebirge.

    Then the child in us came out! 

    Gladstone Studios became a toy hospital! Many hours have been spent reviving, crafting and creating Smallworld. Missing legs and arms have been replaced with newly handcarved limbs.Houses & figures have been freshened up only retaining as much of the original artwork. We hand built a train track that can be reconfigured any which way you like. All of the pieces have velcro to attach to each other. There are curves and straight pieces.


    The fairground arrived just in time for Christmas!

    What is included?

    Large Handcrafted Box with Lid.

    The base of the box is a1949 potato crate. FL CROSS  and 1949 original stenciled stamp is still visable on the front panel.

    The crate has been sanded and waxed and the rest of the box made in the same style.

    A sturdy handmade hinged lid has been added which closes tightly.

    The lid can be opened so that it is flat and can be used as another play area.

    Inside The Box.

    The smallworld box comes with a green felt base to look like grassland, hills & a lake have been formed to give life and shape. These are the only items that cannot be reconfigured.

    Smallworld comes with a huge collection of accessories to create endless stories and games.

    All of the items are East German wooden toys made by Erzgebirge between 1960 -1970.


    7 x  Red Houses, 7 x  Blue Houses, 1 x Tall Blue topped building, 1 x Tall Red topped building, 1 x Train Station building, 8 x Trees (of different sizes), 1 x  Train (with 4 carriages), 6 x  People, 10 x  Animals- cows,sheep, dog, unicorn, pigs, horses., 2 x  Towers with green pointy tops, 1 x Carousel with children onboard, 4 x Large Hedges, 3 x Small Hedges, 2 x Fences

    The following items are not vintage

    3 x  Old fashioned lamp posts that can be switched on.

    1 x Traintrack ( 27 sections of different lengths and velcroed )

    We have also added:

    1 x Large Wooden Lidded Box wih a slide top to store the traintrack, buildings,trees & fences.

    1 x Small Box with orange felt top for the people & animals to be kept snuggly.

    1 x Orange Felt container for the Carousel.

    1 x Battery pack for lamposts

    This is not approriate for very young ones as there are lots of small pieces.

    Bespoke Vintage Toy Box - Smallworld

    SKU: 39
    • Dimensions


      L - 30 1/2"

      W  18"

      H   6 3/4"


      People are 1 1/2' High

      Tallest building is 3" High

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